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I can understand your situation as a tenant that how difficult it would be to clean up the entire lease property within a short period of time. However, it’s a matter of taking back the bond money that you had given years before to your landlord. Buying a new home or shifting from rental house to your own home is obviously the momentous thing of anyone’s life. Thus, I suggest seeking the end of lease cleaning Geelong services to simplify the work.

Although, there is so many end of lease cleaning company Geelong to choose from selection & hiring process depend on your smartness. You have only one way to secure your bond money which is, you need to hire professional end of lease cleaners who can help you get your 100% bond money back. Let’s scratch deep into it to get the problem solved easily.

What is bond money?

According to the agreement, while you have started living in the rental home, the tenants have to return the property in a neat and clean state before leaving the place. During the process, a landlord or property agent can hold back the bond amount too if they find any damage or dirty home. Then, how could you secure it? If you want the whole money back, you’ll have to clean up your home thoroughly. Each & every corner, from carpet to upholstery, kitchen to the room, dining room to the bathroom.

Few tricks & tips for the end of lease cleaning

  • Carpet and rugs cleaning

Well, it depends on your room traffic but generally, most of the dirt gathers in between the fabric or carpet and rugs. So you need to ensure that whether a person that you have hired vacuum it properly. Nowadays, cleaning company provide deep cleaning and lose their security deposit at the time of inspection. To get out from the messy situation, you have to vacuum the carpets and rugs properly using an appropriate attachment to collect hidden dust and debris.

  • Cleaning kitchen cabinet

Although, it is annoying when it comes to clean sticky and greasy kitchen cabinets. It becomes more difficult to get rid of grime at the end of tenancy time. As for last few days in the rental property are quite frustrating, you can’t get enough time to scrub those stubborn grease stains.

  • To clean bathroom

It’s necessary to clean the floor, shower doors, toilet seat, washbasin of your bathroom need. Also, you can make vinegar and water solution to wipe off dirty water taps.

Final thoughts

There are many ways to do the job at own but it won’t guarantee you about your bond money back. So without taking the risk, just seek the end of lease cleaning Geelong services who assure help you get the total bond amount back and a complete landlord satisfaction. For hiring the best company, you can Google or go through references and finalize the service amount. Get it cleaned!