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Your lease has ended, and you are now in the final stages of moving! That’s wonderful. What’s next? Make careful to read your lease before you leave your rental home. 

A standard provision included by landlords states that you won’t receive your security deposit back until you perform a deep clean. More than just vacuuming the cat hair and wiping down the counters are involved in end-of-tenancy cleaning. 

You can do your own cleaning, but it is not always fun or efficient. You need to set aside time and effort to clean the home before you move out of it. However, hiring a professional end of lease cleaning Geelong service is the best option for you because they will deal with all of these things for you.

Save your time, money and effort. 

Let’s be honest, and if you are going to clean the house yourself, it will take a lot of time, effort and money. You also need to consider your own health as well.

But when you hire an end of lease cleaning Geelong they will do everything for you so efficiently that the result will surprise even you!

They will do all the cleaning work, including vacuuming carpets and mopping floors. They also have the right skills and experience to clean any type of house so that you don’t have to worry about anything when moving out.

end of lease cleaning geelong

Responsible Person Handles Your Dirty Work

When you are dealing with professional cleaners, they will know how to handle all kinds of messes that come your way. They have been trained and certified to handle different situations like cleaning up after pets, liquid damage or even mould removal. 

Also, they have enough experience in the field so as not to cause any harm to your property or items when cleaning them up.

Besides that, professional cleaners are insured by their companies in case anything happens during the process of cleaning your home or office space. 

You won’t need to worry about anything getting damaged because everything will be handled by an insured person who is responsible for their actions while working on the premises.

Have the right skills and experience to cleaning

The best end of lease cleaners have the right skills and experience to handle your cleaning. They know where to start, they know how to clean each room properly and they’re able to finish the job quickly. This means you can get back in the property much sooner than if you cleaned it yourself.

What skills do these people possess? A good end of lease cleaner will:

  • Have knowledge of the best cleaning methods/techniques for your home
  • Know which products are best for different surfaces and stains
  • Know what equipment is required for each job (e.g., vacuum cleaners)

100% Bond Return Guarantee

  • You’re going to have peace of mind that your bond will be returned at the end of lease, as we are insured, licensed and bonded.
  • We abide by all government regulations and requirements when it comes to cleaning work.
  • Our team is professional, trustworthy and reliable. You can easily give us the keys to your property without any worries because we always do our best to finish the job on time with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


If you think of a cleaning service, the first thing that comes to your mind is the high prices. But look at it this way: If you do end of lease cleaning yourself, you have to spend time and energy on doing this job. 

Oz Cleaning Geelong is the leading end of lease cleaning Geelong agency that takes care of all these things for you. They will do the job right and make sure that everything is perfect before they give it back to you. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!