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Hey Tenants!

We all know that moving from one place to another can be daunting. The end of the leasing contract is more hard to handle than we think. But, it can be easy if you know the duties and rights as a tenant.

When moving out of a rental property, tenants often face disputes with their property managers regarding the security deposit. To avoid such issues, tenants must know their rights and duties.

While hiring professionals like us who offer exit cleaning Geelong services can help tackle the problem, knowing more about the rights and responsibilities of a tenant is equally essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the rights and duties of tenants about exit cleaning services and provide valuable insights for a successful tenancy.

Understanding Tenants’ Rights 

Let’s start with knowing the tenants’ rights while having the tenancy contract with your landlords.

  • Entry Condition Report

Explaining the importance of receiving and reviewing an entry condition report at the start of the tenancy. Emphasise the tenant’s right to disagree and add comments, along with the significance of documenting the property’s condition through photographs or video.

  • Security Deposit

Outlining the end of lease tenant rights to receive a receipt for the security deposit payment and the requirement for the landlord to lodge it with the appropriate authorities. Discussing the maximum amount that can be charged as a security deposit and the negotiation process for higher rent properties.

  • Privacy Rights

Highlighting the tenant’s right to privacy during the tenancy and the landlord’s limitations on visiting the property. Discuss the frequency and notice period required for routine inspections and urgent visits.

  • Sale of the Property

Explaining the end of lease cleaning tenant rights if the landlord sells the rental property. Differentiating between fixed-term and periodic lease agreements and outlining the notice period required for tenants to vacate the premises.

  • Choosing their Professionals for Exit Cleaning

Most landlord rules on hiring their suggested professionals for end of lease services at exit time. Thus, it is vital to know that, as a tenant, you have the right to choose the reputable and suitable end of lease cleaners Geelong that suit your needs.

Duties of Tenants 

You have the rights there, and now you let us explain the duties you should consider during the end of the lease.

Exit Cleaning 

We are elaborating on the tenant’s responsibility to perform end of lease cleaning Geelong before returning the keys to the landlord, discussing the option to hire professionals for exit cleaning Geelong services or do the cleaning independently, and providing a comprehensive checklist of areas that need attention during the cleaning process.

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Property Maintenance

Highlighting the importance of maintaining the property’s condition throughout the tenancy. Discussing the acceptable level of wear and tear and emphasising the tenant’s duty to repair significant damages or seek permission for alterations.

Notice Period

Explaining the necessity of serving a notice period before moving out of the rental property. Discussing the standard two-month notice period requirement and outlining the consequences of leaving without proper notice.

Lease Expiry

Clarifying that tenants cannot stay in the property after the lease period ends without the landlord’s permission. Discussing the renewal of the lease period, if applicable, and the responsibility to make arrangements for exit cleaning services before the lease period expires.

Pet Policy

Informing tenants about the importance of reviewing the tenancy agreement for pet clauses. Discussing the permission process for keeping pets and emphasising the need to adhere to the mentioned policies.

Timely Rent Payment

Stressing the importance of paying rent on time and the consequences of delayed payments. Explaining the steps landlords may take in case of rent payment delays and the potential risk of eviction.

End Note

Understanding your rights and duties as a tenant is essential for a smooth tenancy journey, especially during the end of the lease period. By being aware of the rights discussed, tenants can protect themselves from disputes regarding security deposits and privacy infringements. Don’t forget to fulfil duties such as exit cleaning, property maintenance, and timely rent payment, which will help maintain a positive relationship with landlords.

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So, reach us and ensure a successful tenancy experience by fulfilling the rights and responsibilities of a tenant with the help of professionals.