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Do you have a pet in your house? Having a pet can be a good thing as it provides good company and doesn’t allow feeling lonely at the home but sometimes a pet can be irritating and cause disturbance in the cleaning. It might be difficult to remove the pet urine smell and stains from the carpet. Especially if it has been a long time. It might be possible that your pet has urinated when you were unavailable at home, it might also happen that the pet has urinated in the hidden area. It will start stinking after some time and may cause to stain. Hire professional Carpet cleaning in Geelong for high-quality cleaning and get rid of the stains from the carpet.

Cleaning pet stains can be a difficult job but it can be done at home using DIY naturally. It can be easily cleaned with the simple things available in the home that are all you need is.

  • Paper towel or cloth towel.
  • White vinegar + water.
  • Baking soda
  • Vacuum cleaner

It’s better to use less chemical cleaner for cleaning pet stains to prevent reaction and staining on the carpet. Well, it also depends on the fabric type and elasticity, if the urine is absorbed in the carpet, it’s required to soak the urine using baking soda and make it dry completely.

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Below are the basic step-by-step guides to clean the urine from the carpet.

  • Just bloat, don’t rub.

The first step is to dry the urine area immediately by using a paper towel or blotting paper. Cover the pet stain with a paper towel or tissue paper. Keep on changing the paper towel to soak the surface until it becomes completely dry.

  • Apply vinegar.

Prepare vinegar solution by diluting vinegar and water with equal content. The vinegar helps to neutralize the ammonium content in the pet urine. The vinegar solution will help with the stubborn urine stain by making it wet again and fading it. You can use undiluted vinegar in case of a strong smell and get rid of the stubborn stains. After applying vinegar solution, scrub the stained surface efficiently to clean the stain deep inside the fibre.

  • Sprinkle baking soda

After vinegar solution and scrub, sprinkle baking soda generously on the pet stain surface. After some time, it will start lifting pet stain. This process might take a day, leave baking soda overnight.

  • Vacuuming

Once the baking soda is dry, vacuum the surface and you will see the stain faded. Repeat the process if required. To get rid of the urine smell, use baking soda generously to eliminate the smell. Also, deodorize the area with a natural fragrance or diffuser to eliminate the smell completely.

Winding-up: hope you found the above steps useful in cleaning pet stains and urine from the carpet. Though it’s important to act fast if you notice the pet stain, and also avoid steam cleaning on pet urine, as it could bind the protein and make the stain stubborn and permanent. Consult the experienced Carpet cleaning Geelong if the pet stain has been for the longest time. There are many pet urine cleaners available in the market, choose the high-quality cleaner that doesn’t affect carpet fibre and cleans the stain efficiently.