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Carpets give your house a fresh look. However, if not properly maintained, they can lead to dust accumulation and an unhealthy home. Most people are unaware of the most common carpet enemies and how to keep them at bay. And that is why they always engage with professional Carpet Cleaning Services Geelong-wide.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of stepping on your carpet and leaving a trail of footprints, then you know that it can be an eyesore. But what if I told you that there are some things that can make your carpet look even worse?


To avoid a situation where you’re left with an unpleasant surprise, it is important that your shoes are clean before entering your home. 

This means that they should be removed and cleaned thoroughly. It’s also wise to avoid wearing them in the house as well as outside—it can be easy for dirt and debris to get stuck in between toes, which will eventually ruin the comfort level of your footwear if not taken care of properly.

Shoes offer little protection against spills and other accidents that might happen while working on documents at desks just inches away from where people sit each day-long hours into their lives together, so don’t let anyone else make this mistake by doing so, either!

Common Spills

Common spills that can damage carpet:

  • Spills of food or drink. If you spill something on your carpet, there are two ways to clean it up: wait for the stain to set in and then vacuum as best you can, or get some carpet cleaner and try to blot out the spot before using a wet-dry vacuuming method. 
  • This will help prevent permanent stain damage if done properly. It’s also important not to use any harsh chemicals on freshly spilled liquid because they may cause further staining and colour loss over time—and if you’re trying this trick yourself at home, make sure that any remaining liquid has been absorbed by what’s already been exposed (that means no standing water).
  • Oil-based stains—like motor oil or grease spills—can be removed by applying warm water with an absorbent towel followed by an extraction product (such as baking soda paste) onto all surfaces affected by these types of messes before scrubbing vigorously with a soft brush until cleanliness is achieved.

professional Carpet Cleaning Services Geelong-wide

Your Household Pets

Pets can cause a variety of problems for your carpeting, and the most common are:

  • Tracking in the dirt.
  • Having accidents.
  • Shedding hair or fur (hairballs).

Having an odour due to urine or feces being left behind on the carpeting by pets’ paws as they walk around on them. This can also result in stains that may not come out easily due to the material used in making up these carpets—which is why it’s important to vacuum regularly if you have pets!


Odour is a common problem caused by the growth of bacteria and other organisms. The odour can be either pleasant or unpleasant, depending on the type and location of the source. For example, cigarette smoke has an unpleasant smell when it gets into carpets; however, some people tend to like this kind of smell as it adds character to their home décor.

Prolonged Exposure To Water

The carpet is made of natural fibres and will shrink, warp and become mouldy when wet. Water can also cause the carpet to become discoloured due to dirt and other stains from traffic on the floor.

To remove water from your carpet: Blotting with a towel is the best method for removing most liquids from carpets; however, if you experience any discolouration or mould growth, then professional Carpet Cleaning Services Geelong may be needed.


Carpet is a great way to keep your home’s decor beautiful, but it can be easily damaged by pests and other allergens. If you notice an issue with your carpet and want some help cleaning up the damage, call us today!