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The bond is the security deposit that you pay to your landlord when you move into a rental property. It’s usually equal to one or two weeks of rent, and it’s put aside by the landlord until at least the end of your tenancy agreement (if not longer). 

Once your lease is up, you need to clean the house so that it looks as good as new before moving out. This is where bond back cleaners Geelong come help to leave it in good condition so you can get your bond back. This is a guide on how to clean an entire home before you move out, including all the nooks and crannies you might have missed when first renting the place out.

Declutter And Ensure The Property Is Empty

The next step is to declutter the property and ensure that it is empty. This doesn’t mean you should throw everything out of the house, but rather remove all personal items like furniture and plants from the property. 

You also need to remove curtains hanging on windows, rugs on floors etc., as well as any wall hangings. The skilled bond back cleaners Geelong employ methods like these to stop polluted areas from spreading again and to finish jobs quickly and effectively. Finally, make sure you take down blinds and shades before you hand over the keys to your property back to us at Oz Cleaning Geelong!

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Dust And Vacuum All Surfaces/Fixtures

Dust and vacuum all surfaces. Dust the furniture, including cushions and the undersides of armrests. Wash down any upholstered chairs, sofas and so on with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner attachment. 

Vacuum the curtains (both sides) and blinds to remove dust from them as well, if possible; do not wash them unless you are sure that they can be washed by hand in cold water – if unsure, consult your landlord for advice on what to do with delicate fabrics such as curtains. 

If you have hard floors (e.g., tiles), sweep or mop them along with any carpets in your property so that there is no dirt left over after vacuuming will help to get rid of excess dirt particles left behind by cleaning products used during the clean bond process which may damage carpeting if left uncleaned after using these products then scrubbing away at it could cause irreversible damage!

Clean The Kitchen and Bathroom

When you are cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, make sure that you vacuum the floor and wipe down all surfaces. You should also clean the microwave, stovetop and oven, as well as all cupboards.

In addition to this, clean under your sink by organising what’s left in there and cleaning out any grime or dirt. If there is mould on the bottom of your toilet seat (which can be common if it hasn’t been cleaned often), use bleach to remove it! 

Another thing that needs to be done before moving out would be to replace worn shower heads with new ones, so they look brand new when tenants move in after you leave.

Pay Attention To Outdoor Areas

It will be a good idea to clean the garage and yard areas. While this might not directly affect your bond, it is always a great idea to make sure all areas of your home are in tip-top condition. 

This could include cleaning up any rubbish around the house, such as cardboard boxes or newspapers that you have been keeping for months on end. 

You should also be sure to paint any fences or walls which may have started to look slightly shabby over time. If you have any equipment that has been left out in the rain, then this needs to be cleaned off, too, before it rusts away completely!

You will also need to hire professional bond back cleaners Geelong in successfully get the bond back in full.


The property you rent should be completely clean to get your bond back. If you are thinking of doing this yourself, make sure that you have the right tools and equipment for the job, as well as enough time for it all. If not, then call Oz Cleaning Geelong will save both time and money!