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Carpets are among the worthy investments homeowners make to instil aesthetics and a warm feeling in the home. With it comes the responsibility to increase the lifespan of the carpet with regular upkeep and cleaning.

The basic cleaning begins with vacuuming the carpet regularly, but this certainly does not mean that you would not require to Hire Best Carpet Cleaners Geelong wide.

It is, in fact, one of the biggest misconceptions that most homeowners have. Let’s get it straight – NO, Vacuuming is not an alternative or replacement for professional Carpet Cleaning.

Here are five reasons that would help you realise it better.

1.    It Is Incapable Of Removing Stains And Spots

Vacuuming removes the dirt, dust, debris from the upper surface of the carpet. It cannot suck in the spots and the stains.

Spills are going to happen no matter how much care you take. The degree of stains is also varied; the stains of coffee are quite hard to remove, even with the DIY methods.

Thus you would be left with no other better choice than a specialised cleaning solution from the experts with its foreknowledge.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

2.    It Does Not Eliminate The Microorganism Effectively

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, allergens, dust mites, and whatnot are present deep in among the fine fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming is found to be ineffective to get rid of these microorganisms.

An unclean carpet is, in fact, the breeding grounds of these microorganisms which eventually would end up in the indoor air. This is when the real problem starts, triggered allergies, aggravated breathing problems, worsened lung condition of your loved ones.

3.    It Is Not Effective As Deep Clean

Vacuuming is a simple process of sucking in all the debris, dust and dirt from the carpet. It does not involve any cleaning products, procedures, techniques and methods to clean the carpet.

But the professional cleaning does have it all, ensuring deep cleaning of your carpet to the depth of carpet padding.

4.    It Is Ineffective To Remove Odour

If you have pets and kids at home, vacuuming will not stand a chance for the mess they create. This mess leaves an odour behind, especially the pet urine.

As vacuum is ineffective in reaching the depth of carpet fibres that hold the minute particles of this mess, you would never be able to remove the odour effectively.

Professional carpet cleaning is the most reliable solution if you are looking forward to leaving the carpet smelling fresh.

5.    It Does Not Help You Save Money

You may have opted for vacuuming on an even daily basis, thinking that you can keep the carpet in great condition without investing in professional carpet cleaning.

This may look like saving a considerable amount of money, but you would eventually end up replacing the carpet due to the irreparable damage caused without the regular specialised cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning is affordable and would not burn a hole in your pocket.