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As the spring season comes closer, everyone knows it’s time to thoroughly clean your home. Carpet Steam Cleaning Services in Geelong isn’t just about getting rid of dirt, it’s about keeping your home clean while extending and improving the life and performance of your carpet.

Most people don’t take Carpet Cleaning seriously because they think it’s time-consuming and heavy. But the fact is that carpets should be cleaned every 12-18 months. Also, depending on the rug warranty information, more frequent cleaning may be required.

Best ways to clean the carpet:

There are several ways to clean a carpet, but each has its advantages and disadvantages. So how do you decide which method is best for your carpet There are two ways to clean the carpet:

  • Dry cleaning and wet cleaning:

Dry-cleaning carpets do not use moisture or very low humidity (VLM) methods. Water is used for wet cleaning of carpets. This is the so-called hot water extraction process. Wet cleaning is often referred to as carpet steam cleaning.

Best Carpet Cleaners in Geelong

  • Dry cleaning Even with a little water:

Dry cleaning of carpet is usually called surface cleaning. This is a convenient carpet cleaning method for busy areas that require fast drying times.

Dry cleaning with absorbent mass works by spreading a mixture of powders containing special cleaning agents and solvents on the carpet and processing it into carpet fibres using a machine equipped with a counter-rotating brush.

Carpet stains are picked up by the powder, and after a curing time of about 10-15 minutes, the powder mixture is vacuumed.

If you’re worried about the Carpet Cleaning Cost Geelong for your carpet, you can go for cleaning only in high-traffic areas.

This means that you don’t have to move large furniture like beds or sofas as the cleaner only cleans around them.

You can’t see the carpet under these big pieces of furniture, so it makes sense not to clean this area often. However, if you move furniture frequently, it is best to clean the entire surface of the carpet.

  • High-pressure cleaning technique:

You can remove dirt from the back of the carpet using the high-pressure technique, high temperature, chemical concentrate lets the cleaning solvent react for a long time. Chemical reactivity can be easily agitated using extraction wands or maintenance tools.

If your carpet spills frequently or has dirt that is difficult to clean, it is convenient to buy a handy little dirt cleaner. However, this is not the type of machine that can clean the entire carpet.

  • Do-it-yourself carpet cleaning:

With a renovation machine, you’ll find that one of the requirements for effective cleaning is that the water doesn’t get as hot as the high temperatures produced by professional machines.

Though this machine might not clean like a professional in terms of dirt extraction and cleaning it can work fine for regular cleaning.

  • Carpet shampoo machine:

For carpet cleaning, you can use cleaning agents such as spotter sprays. Shampooing carpet works for almost all types of dirt.

After cleaning the carpet, it should be a little damp. You can use a machine for drying the carpet.

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