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Are you bored of the same old carpet and want some unique look in your home? Then changing carpet might be the easiest and quick option to change the look of the house in a short period of time. It’s not always necessary to update other things in the house for renovation, changing just carpet can give the extra-ordinary look to the room. Carpets are a versatile part of home décor that can be used anywhere in the home such as bedroom, living room, basement, and many other areas to give a unique touch to the home décor. You can use your creativity by choosing the different design carpet for the various areas and make your home look decent and colorful. Carpets can be easily maintained by regular vacuuming and cleaning, though get your carpets professionally cleaned by the expert Carpet cleaning Geelong company every year if you have rough or more usage of carpet. You can maintain the carpet in good condition by avoiding it staining, getting it clean immediately when dirty, and drying it instantly when wet.

Trending carpet design types to try in 2021:

1) Natural fibre carpet.

If you have wooden flooring in your home, prefer natural fibre carpet to prevent any reactions over time. Some carpet cleaners comes with chemical dyed and coloured that may cause staining over time or make the wood surface rough if the carpet material is heavy and scratchy.

2) Go for Animal print.

You can try a cheetah and tiger print carpet to give your room a bold and minimalist look. It looks perfect with the drawing-room or reading room décor in the house.

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3) Go for wild striped carpet.

Stripes offer the illusionary look hence making the surface appear bigger. You can go for the bold or thin stripes carpet design to have a subtle and preppy look.

4) Layered rugged carpet.

Layering existing carpets with unique rugs is a great way to add some extraordinary features and texture. You can pick up the old or traditional rug designs to recreate the boho look.

5) Vintage rug.

Mixing and matching with the Turkish and Persian designs are a great way to create a vintage look inside the home. You can install versatile and vintage carpet designs on stairs and other basement areas to finish up with a royal and ancient look.

6) Try some mix and match patterns.

Prefer choosing combination designs of mix-match shades and contrast to create a solid and rich look.

7) Prefer choosing plaid or subtle patterns.

Simplicity has always been a great way to express elegance and beauty. You can also just keep it simple with the patterned or checked carpet design for a contemporary look and feel.

Bottom Line: It’s always a good idea to try to mix and match a combination of different carpet styles to recreate different styles of the home. Hope you found the above trendy carpet suggestions useful. You can use the best designs that blend with your interiors and furniture to get an extraordinary look without spending on renovation costs. There are huge varieties of options available in the market from where you can choose the perfect fibre, material, and colour shade of the carpet. At OZ cleaning Geelong, we are the top-most Carpet cleaning Geelong Company passionate to handle every cleaning job with proficiency. Consult us today for any cleaning service or effective consultations.