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With the end of a lease agreement, you may feel a sense of freedom and the opportunity for a fresh start. However, before you sign the papers and move on, it is important to make sure that your home is in perfect condition. This is where best end of lease clean geelong comes in the picture.

End of lease cleaning is a must for anyone seeking to ensure their home is in a pristine condition before they move out. It ensures that your former landlords can’t make any claims on the bond money you put down, and that you get it all back. 

To help make sure that your end of lease clean is top notch, here are some tips for deep-cleaning your home so you can get that security deposit back.

Why an End of Lease Clean Is Important? 

When you are leaving a rental property, it is essential to properly clean it before turning in the keys. Not only will this ensure that you get back as much of your security deposit as possible, but it will also ensure that any future tenants have a clean and comfortable place to live. 

It may be tempting to try to do an end of lease clean by yourself, but if you opt for professional best end of lease clean geelong instead, they have the expertise and gear necessary to get the job done right. 

Professional cleaners have access to industrial cleaning solutions that are more effective than what you can find at the store. Plus, they know how to use them safely and effectively so there’s minimal risk of damage or injury during the process. 

Deep-Cleaning the Kitchen 

The kitchen should be one of your main focuses when performing an end-of-lease clean. Start by emptying out all drawers and cupboards then wiping down any surfaces with warm water and dish soap or an all-purpose cleaner. Make sure to pay special attention to areas like behind appliances where dirt builds up easily over time. 

Empty out cabinets under sinks and wipe down shelves before putting everything back in its proper place. Finally, mop floors with an all-purpose cleaner or floor cleaner suitable for vinyl floors if applicable. 

Get the Grime Out of the Bathroom 

The bathroom is another area that needs extra attention during an end-of-lease clean because it tends to accumulate grime quickly due to moisture from baths and showers. Start by scrubbing tubs and shower stalls using baking soda or other mild abrasives combined with warm water; then rinse with cold water when finished. 

If applicable, remove shower curtains or liners for laundering then thoroughly dry them before rehanging them in place. Scrub basins with a toothbrush or other small brush before wiping down walls with warm water mixed with cleaning solution followed by cool water rinsing afterward if needed; otherwise use disposable wipes designed specifically for bathroom surfaces like tiles, countertops, etc. Finally, don’t forget to wipe down mirrors too!  

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Washing Windows, Dusting and Vacuuming Tips  

It’s important not overlook windows during your end-of-lease clean because they tend to accumulate dirt over time due to their proximity outdoors; plus they look better when they sparkle! 

Start by washing windows both inside and outside using either soap and water or window cleaner following manufacturer instructions; then dry completely after rinsing off soap residue if applicable 

For dusting furniture such as tables, chairs etc., use disposable cloths damped slightly with warm water mixed with detergent solution; lightly go over surfaces until dust has been removed; repeat, if necessary, then wipe again using just plain warm water followed again by drying off excess moisture after rinsing off detergent residue if applicable Finally use vacuum cleaners on carpets (including stairs) as well as any upholstered furniture such as couches etc. Vacuum slowly going over each area multiple times until dirt no longer appears on cloth used in vacuuming process.  

Cleaning Carpets and Rugs   

Carpets should always be cleaned professionally prior performing an end -of -lease clean since accumulated dirt tends build up quickly over time ; however , this does not mean you cannot do anything about it . 

First, vacuum carpets thoroughly multiple times until no more dirt appears on cloth used in vacuuming process; 

secondly, spot treat stains on carpets using either vinegar/water mixture OR commercially available stain removers following manufacturer instructions carefully . 

Lastly, shampoo carpets using specially formulated shampoo designed specifically for carpets OR rent carpet shampooer from local hardware store. Then allow carpets enough time dry completely afterwards prior moving onto other areas.   

Other Tips for Making Sure an End of Lease Clean Is Successful   

In addition, following tips outlined above, there are few more things need consider prior beginning process:

first, make sure all lightbulbs have been replaced; 

second, check paintwork around house making sure there no scratches marks etc.; 

thirdly, check windows ensuring that locks work properly; finally inspect walls making sure there no holes filled plaster etc.. All these tasks can complete relatively easily provided take time plan accordingly.       


Moving out can be stressful enough without having worry about getting back security deposit – so why not let professionals handle job? By hiring professional end of lease cleaning Geelong from Oz Cleaning Geelong to perform deep cleaning operation, rest assured that job will be done right way – plus having peace mind knowing tenancy agreement fulfilled its entirety! That said, even those who choose DIY approach can still benefit greatly from following tips outlined above – good luck!