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Carpet has been always an important part of home cleanliness but keeping the carpet clean can be the trickiest part.

So, in the order you don’t get stressed about the carpet cleaning project, it is important to invest in the right carpet according to your home environment.

You should go for the flexible and the carpet that is easy to clean if you have a lot of foot traffic at your place.

Always clean your carpet every 2 weeks if you have a lot of foot traffic or you live in dusty or moist weather.

Apart from these, the best thing you can do is buy the best carpet for your home or office. Delaying the Geelong Carpet Cleaning Service will lead to an unhygienic and dirty environment inside the home.

  • So, what to look for when buying carpet?

It’s necessary that you give priority to three main basics that are quality, budget and maintenance.

Everyone wants the durable and the best quality carpet, it can be difficult to decide what type of carpet is best for you but with good research and suggestion from a trusted person, you can decide the right carpet for you that can be easily maintained

  • Understanding the materials of the carpet

Carpets are generally made up of two materials that can be either synthetic or natural, choice is yours what you prefer natural or synthetic.

Understanding the material is crucial before purchasing the carpet, also an environment where you live plays important role in preserving the carpet in good quality.

Generally, as compared to artificial materials, natural materials are more appealing and better in all aspects.

Keep on reading the blog to get a clear idea about artificial and natural fibres to make your purchase worthy!

Carpet Cleaning Geelong

  • Natural fibres:

As the name itself says natural, natural fibres are cultivated naturally and then processed and harvested into fibres.

The most popular natural materials that are used for manufacturing carpet is wool, cotton, silk, jute, seagrass and much more.

Natural materials can be sometimes tough when it comes to cleaning stains but they are more durable as compared to artificial materials.

  • Artificial fibres:

Synthetic carpets are manufactured using various chemical compounds.

The most commonly used artificial materials nowadays are nylon, polyester, polypropylene and much more. Synthetic fibres are easy to clean and maintain.

If you are looking for a durable and easy cleaning carpet then nylon can your best choice.

  • Which type of carpets is easier to clean?

Natural fibres are difficult to clean if it gets stained, on the other hand, synthetic carpets are easy to clean and maintain.

The nylon, polyester, propylene carpets are easy to clean because they are strong enough to resist wear and tear.

Also, they don’t allow stains to sit on them so, they can be easily clean and that is what makes them best for regular use.


Hope you found the blog useful in choosing the right carpet for your place.

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