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One of the nightmares that haunt the homeowners is someone vomiting on the carpet. Puking is an uncertain event that may not be in the control of the person. From toddlers to people of any age and the pets may puke. The delicate fabric of the carpet can get affected if the right method of cleaning the puke is not used. This is where Geelong Carpet Cleaning Services can be of great help.

Even when moving out and having the carpet that is not properly cleaned can impact the bond money, moveout cleaning Geelong would make sure that you get your bond money back.

  • Clean As Quickly as Possible

Grab the gloves and emergency cleaning kits near you to get rid of the vomit from the carpet quickly. Failing to do so will allow the vomit to settle deep into the fibre of the carpet, which can leave the stain of the vomit on the carpet. You would have to deal with a bigger headache that is the stain.

After you have got rid of the solid portion of the vomit from the carpet, you can get rid of the rest moisture with a dry towel or cloth. Make sure that you soak anything left of the vomit in the carpet. If the vomit you found was old, you need to scrape off the vomit from the carpet and soak the portion to clean the rest.

The next you need to do is to address the stain that the bile may have left on the carpet. You can opt for the commercial stain removal and patch test to ensure it is carpet safe and does not have any harsh effects. If you do not have the hands-on, the commercials stain removal, vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide would do the job.

Do not forget to rinse it!

Carpet Cleaning Service
  • Dry The Carpet and Get Rid of The Odour

The next step is to address the excess moisture left in the carpet. This cannot be ignored or overlooked as it can damage the carpet severely; it even can make the stain reappear due to soiling. Use dry towels or cloth to soak the excess moisture out of the carpet.

A thin layer of baking soda or cornstarch will effectively absorb the rest of the moisture from the carpet. The corn-starch would neutralize the PH of the carpet as the vomit is acidic in nature due to the presence of bile.

Spraying the one portion of distilled vinegar mixed with two portions of the water and spray it over the area with the spray bottle. It would take care of the odours, remove excess moisture and small vinegar, leave a thin layer of baking soda overnight, vacuum it off. Use a deodoriser, and the carpet is fresh as before again.

Do not forget to disinfect!

If you do not have the time to take up this tedious task, all you need is our carpet cleaning services, and we will provide you with the carpet in good condition again. You can also consider booking for carpet cleaning when you are considering the moveout cleaning Geelong services.