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Cleaning carpets isn’t easy. Imagine thousands and billions of pores in a carpet, holding days’ old dirt, bacteria, and dust, making your indoor air polluted. This is the last thing a homeowner would want to see, especially when there are kids and pets in the house.

The right way for perfect Carpet Cleaning Geelong:

We have two ways for you.

Process 1: Remove dirt

Make sure the height of the vacuum is right

Placing your vacuum cleaner too low would ruin the carpet fabric, and putting it too high will not pick up the dirt. So you have to put the vacuum at an ideal height. For that, turn on the vacuum and slowly take it closer to the carpet and stop at the point where it is easily picking up the dirt.

It’s crucial to remove the dirt because it can ruin the carpet fabric. Whenever you walk over a dirty carpet, you grind it with your feet and penetrate the dirt deep inside the carpet, which ruins it on a bigger level. When you use a vacuum cleaner on such carpet, it restores its original fabric texture and colour. The carpet doesn’t look heavy and dull anymore.

Hire Best Carpet Cleaning Geelong
Hire Best Carpet Cleaning Geelong

Regularly vacuum your carpet

The best way to safeguard your carpet is to vacuum, if not every day, then at least thrice a week. Dust build-up is the biggest reason behind carpet damage. Your powerful vacuum cleaner will not allow dust to clutter on the carpet’s surface and provide a clean carpet that will enhance your interior.

Use a clean bag or filter

Having your vacuum cleaner installed with the dirty bag will not provide perfect suction. Make sure to clean the bag whenever you use the vacuum cleaner. It will enhance the performance of the cleaner you would be able to remove more dust and dirt.

Use the ideal speed to vacuum

Slow vacuuming will leave certain dust particles on the fabric of the carpet. If you want the perfect clean carpet, make sure you are using a moderate speed so whenever the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner passes by the carpet, everything hiding there is sucked. So use the right vacuum speed to clean your carpet accurately.

Give walk-off mats a try

The walk-off mat has a coarse texture that separates the dust and dirt from your shoes whenever you walk over them. Place one your entry and backyard door. This will prevent the dirt from entering your home, and the indoor carpets will be protected from the build-ups.

Process 2: Hire the professionals

Another best way to tackle a dirty and messed-up carpet cleaning is to hire professionals. They are certified, experienced, and skillful enough to handle any kind of carpet and remove all the dirt with their powerful professional tools, products, and methods. Any unprofessional person might not do it even with the best DIY method.

With regular vacuuming and using the right cleaning technique, anyone can enhance their carpet and increase its life.

In case you don’t have to address the issues of your carpet, hire the professionals of Carpet Cleaning Geelong and let them handle everything for you.