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Are you planning to move out to other places or looking for carpet cleaning Geelong? It’s always a good decision to get carpet cleaning done regularly for a hygienic house. Home is just incomplete without carpet as they play a vital role in home décor. However, the carpet needs to be cleaned regularly every 12 to 18 months so the dirt doesn’t spoil the carpet.

Half of the peoples don’t clean their carpets as often as they should. It’s necessary to get the carpet clean once a year.

When should you seek to move out of cleaning Geelong services?

If your carpet is ruined by mud and dirt, pet stains, ink, coffee spills, ketchup stains, or you are moving out; then you should definitely opt for carpet cleaning. It’s necessary to get carpet cleaning to eliminate germs and bacteria from the house.

Should you hire a professional carpet cleaner for your house?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to get carpet cleaning done by professional carpet cleaners as they are well-qualified and have knowledge of products to use on different types of carpets without damaging the fibre.

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What to expect from professional carpet cleaning?

When you decide to get carpet cleaning done, an expert technician inspects your carpet to clean it efficiently. They assist you whether you should go for a full cleaning or just stain cleaning. Initially, the first process is always the vacuuming to get rid of debris and dirt’s and then followed up by adding solvent for cleaning. They also use advanced tools and machinery to remove germs and allergens from the carpet. The carpet is cleaned and dried at the end, and the whole process is done within 24 hours.

Different methods of carpet cleaning:

There are various methods professionals use for carpet cleaning:

  • Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common method used by a professional carpet cleaner. It gets rids of the dirt from the carpet and ensures a long life of the carpet.

  • Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning basically uses less amount of water. It’s not technically dry, but water is used for extraction and focuses on removing tough stains and marks from the carpet.

  • Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is the easiest method as it uses a vacuum to remove excess dirt from the surface and then rubbed by a cleaner pad to remove dirt completely.

  • Carpet shampooing

This is one of the oldest methods used since the 1970s. Carpet shampooing is effective for cleaning heavily soiled carpets.

  • Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction uses high-pressure hot water to unsettle the carpet fibre and dissolve the dirt in the carpet. It includes the application of cleaning agents on the soiled surface. It usually takes about 2 hours to get cleaned and up to 4 hours to get dry.

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