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It’s perfect weather outside, rain, cosy couch, hot tea, and a great book. It is a great feeling. Don’t let this feeling fade away just because you forgot to step up your upholstery cleaning. Everyone loves a home that looks neat and tidy, but we often forget that apart from the regular maintenance, this upholstery needs regular care, just like we include vacuuming in regular Carpet Cleaning Geelong

Upholstery furniture completes the whole look of the homes. They add more beauty and texture to other houses. What if this beauty has ugly scars on it? Nobody would want that. This is why regular cleaning along with the professional upholstery cleaning Geelong services that you get for maintenance of this furniture. Here is a guide on how you can take care of upholstery in the house.

Let us start the cleaning with vacuuming

Taking the dust off of the upholstery is important as it can steal away all the charm of the upholstery over a long period. Not cleaning the dust from the fabric regularly will make the dust lodged in the fabric. Whether it is fabric leather or leatherette vacuuming would be the first and way to step towards the regular care of the upholstery. Make sure the vacuum attachment provided is for upholstery that means soft bristles.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Geelong

Is taking off the dust enough?

Is dust all that is to be regularly cleaned of the upholstery? Do you remember the tea that you spilled on the couch yesterday while enjoying the cool breeze? The point here is there could be small stains due to accidental spills like these if not taken care of can damage the upholstery. Yes, you can leave this to work on for professional upholstery cleaners but if you just had the cleaning done by the professional so until the next scheduled cleaning you have to maintain these on your own. You can treat the spots with the cleaner that is suggested by the upholstery manufacturer or cleaning service provider. Further, you can take the extra help of a soft bristle brush to rub the spot off.

The change in the material of the upholstery changed the spot treatment too. You cannot just rub off the stains from leather the way you do in fabric. This is because you need to go easy on leather, otherwise, you would end up ruining it and permanently damaging the leather. So better be done with the experiments and get appropriate Knowledge about the care and cleaning based on the upholstery material.

Protect it from the sun

When clothes are kept in sun for drying longer than they are expected their colour seems to fade away. This is true for upholstery too. So if you do not want this to happen then make sure that no upholstery in the house is exposed to sunlight. 

Let the professional lead the way

Every once in a while upholstery need to be cleaned by professionals. This is not just to get thorough cleaning but it adds more lifespan to the upholstery. So apart from regular clean do not forget to schedule the professional upholstery cleaning Geelong service.