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Carpet cleaning Geelong services have come across this question of why the stains and smell keep on coming back even after a deep cleaning. It is difficult to diagnose the stain to treat it well. It is very irritating at times that your good as new looking carpets stink as if they are not cleaned in a while. All the efforts of cleaning feel like going in vain. It doesn’t feel like cleaning the carpet again.

Diagnosis of the stains and proper treatment seems to be a field of expertise when hiring a professional to do the carpet cleaning. Experts have faced this situation in the early face of cleaning and now they have evolved and provided different methods to make carpet cleaning most effective. Not just the carpet cleaning, we at OZ Cleaning Geelong also provide Bond back Cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and car seat cleaning.

Carpet Wicking

Wicking is when the stain of the carpet penetrates deep into the carpet enough to reach the carpet padding and packing sometimes. These stains remain trapped in here until treated properly. When these stains when exposed to moisture, they seem to travel up to the surface through the carpet fibres.

The solution here is not to use cleaning methods that involve a lot of moisture. Cutting the actual source of wicking.

Other types of stains recurring could be because of mould, they seem rare but are possible. They seem to grow on the carpet having moisture or are wet for an unusual amount of time. This could also be treated by keeping the carpet dry and away from moisture.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Geelong

Carpet Soiling

Whether it is a DIY carpet cleaning method or getting the help of the professional does involve the use of soap for cleaning. Using the excess of soap or not rinsing the carpet properly and getting all the soap away are the main reasons for soling of the carpet.

What happened is this leftover residue starts to attract the dirt from the surrounding and the stains seem to get darker and uglier. The solution is using soap that is easy to rinse and doesn’t leave residue behind.

Say no to carpet odours

The main reason for the recurring odour from the carpets is the bacteria-filled odour crystals. Odour crystals? Not familiar with it? Okay, do you have a pet at home? They seem to pee on the carpet. Pets have behavioural pattern. According to it, they seem to pee at the same spot more often. This leads to penetration of the pee to the backing of the carpet and here the odour crystals are formed on the fibre of the carpet. They are hard to remove unless known. These crystals are bacteria-filled and seem to have a bad odour. Professionals at Oz Cleaning Geelong can handle this problem with the cleaning procedure and technique.

Completion line

It is important to know the kind of stain the carpet is having before taking up the task of cleaning it. Otherwise, one would end up accelerating the problem. Better leave the stress and surety of cleaning on the professionals at Oz Cleaning Geelong. Also, get the benefits of other services, namely Bond back Cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and car seat cleaning. Remember, we are just a call or quote away!