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Having an exotic carpet appears to be the apple of your eye among all the pricey furnishings in your home.

What’s more, why wouldn’t it be? A clean carpet can make guests fall in love with it because of its elegance and attractiveness.

But, like with any other item, neglect leads to the demise of even the best of things. It’s the same with your cherished carpet.

So, rather than causing further damage by attempting DIY solutions for Carpet Cleaning Geelong Service, you should now bring in the specialists.

There are many advantages to hiring a professional Carpet cleaning, keep on reading the blog!

Hot water extraction

Steam cleaning is the term used to describe the process of extracting hot water from a surface. In this method, hot boiling water is used to agitate the carpet fibres, which aids in the removal of dirt from the carpet.

This approach primarily entails the application of a cleaning product to the spilled area, as well as agitation and washing of the rugs. First and foremost, the pros will come to your home and thoroughly inspect the carpets.

They will then apply the cleaning agent to the rugs and leave them for a short time. It will then be washed with the correct tools and equipment.

Carpet Cleaning Geelong Service

Carpet shampooing

Shampooing carpet is the oldest and most common carpet cleaning method that is widely used in every domestic house. This is the finest approach to clean your rugs if you haven’t hired cleaners in a long time or believe the carpet is clean enough.

However, there is a disadvantage to this procedure in that it leaves wet foam residues in the carpet, and it also takes a long time to dry. Because there is no washing after the shampooing procedure is completed, the foam can become sticky.


Synthetic detergents are utilised to remove dirt and debris from your carpet in this manner. Once the foam has cured, the dirt particles in the fibre will be enclosed. After a few hours, the foam will be removed with a brush.

Because no water is used for cleaning, drying time is also reduced as compared to hot water extraction. And it’s for this reason that the majority of cleaning companies have adopted it. Heavy soiling carpets, however, cannot be cleaned with this procedure due to the limitations of the technology.

Dry carpet shampooing

Dry carpet cleaning is a relatively new cleaning technology that has been shown to be one of the most effective. This procedure has been used by various carpet cleaning companies since 1980.

A power-based cleaning product is first applied to the carpet and allowed to sit for one to two hours. Cleaning will then be done using a motorised counter rotating brush. This procedure is safe for all sorts of carpets, regardless of their construction.


Hope you found the article useful and helpful for your professional Carpet cleaning Geelong services. clean carpet contributes to the healthy environment inside the home so, make sure you go with the reputed carpet cleaning company.

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