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Okay so you hired the Best carpet cleaning Geelong based company to clean your super untidy carpet, but what’s next? Will you keep on calling them for frequent dirt on it or follow some cleaning rules on your own?

A wise home member would choose to handle the cleanliness after an expert’s cleaning on their own.

Whether you have called them for end of lease cleaning Geelong or for cleaning specific carpet only, it is your personal responsibility not to affect the outer environment.

And for that, OZ Cleaning Geelong suggests a few pointers that you need to keep in mind.

Here’re a few things that you need to consider before you start using the carpet after professional cleaning.

  • Never walk on wet carpet

It is suggested that you should never start walking on the wet carpet as it will damage it more. Make sure that your carpet gets dry completely after a professional carpet cleaning or if you are cleaning it on your own.

  • Don’t forget regular vacuuming

Are you one of those people who vacuum only when the carpet looks dull? If you are then wake up before your carpet starts losing the charm. If you want your carpet to remain in good condition for a longer period, it is necessary to keep it clean on a regular basis.

carpet cleaning maintenance

No matter whether your carpet looks clean or not, you need to keep it clean on a regular basis. If you prefer vacuuming the carpet, it will remove pollutants from the carpet and make your carpet shine.

  • Never walk on it with shoes

There are two things to consider in this condition. You should make sure that no one walks on the carpet with shoes and it is also not a good idea to walk on it barefoot.

The reason behind not walking on the carpet barefoot is the natural oils in your skin leaves oil residue behind which could affect your health and it also leaves the carpet with a dirty look and can attract more dirt and debris.

So, a middle solution in this situation is to prefer wearing socks while you walk or wear slippers.

  • Try to act on stains and spills quickly

Once you find stains or spills on the carpet, you should work on removing it instantly because the longer you take the harder it will become to remove such stubborn stains.

  • Practice bloating

Make sure to perform bloating as it will soak up the spill. If you prefer to rub them, it will cause harm to the carpet fibre. In such a situation, you should clean it using warm water.

Then, use a clean white towel or you can also use carpet spot cleaning to keep it clean.

End up,

Contact OZ Cleaning Geelong if you ever have a need for professional Carpet cleaning Geelong but yes, you have to consider above all aspects to make your carpet look good even after professional cleaning.